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About Us

(ISO 9001:2008 CERTIFIED company)

We at ROBOFEROCIA, strongly believe in manufacturing BEST QUALITY Products, to meet day to day needs of our Customers, whether the product is for a School going CHILD, or for a HIGHLY INTEGRATED INDUSTRY AUTOMATION Project, We are committed to provide best set of Trustworthy services to our clients, and to work with them end to end, to solve the Real World Problems in the Most Innovative Ways.     We have Shear ethical reservations in becoming a mere Money Generating Unit, and always seek to play larger socially viable roles in the Indian Business Ecosystem. 

MISSION:  To Become a leading Research and Innovation based organization , and to excel in all aspects of technology, while offering highly innovative automation related solutions to Indian Industries along with floating embedded systems based Consumer Products to solve the day-to-day problems of our Indian customers and Global Channel Partners at large. 
M/S ROBOFEROCIA INNOVATIONS, a Partnership Firm founded in January 03 2005 , has been Transformed to its Progeny ROBOFEROCIA INNOVATIONS Pvt. Ltd on 03 October 2013 , registered under MCA, as a Private Limited Company.  

a) The company has a Highly Integrated Manufacturing unit at Bhawra, Ashta, (M.P) INDIA, where various Electronic Products Manufactured by the company are brought into being.
b) Roboferocia Innovations Pvt. Ltd, also have a QUALITY CONTROL/ WARRANTY CLAIMS as well as SALES office at Bhopal (M.P) INDIA.
c) The company also have its own PROCUREMENT Team, based at Gurgaon, HARYANA, INDIA. d) ROBOFEROCIA INNOVATIONS Pvt Ltd owns a fully integrated PACKING and DISPATCH offices at Chennai, Bhopal and Ujjain.  

Company owns Registered trademarks on ROBOFEROCIA,  AQUACON, COMPONENTBAZAAR, and TRUSTFIRST. 

Company has its own TRADING Subsidiaries(COMPONENTBAZAAR and TRUSTFIRST) for Serving Overseas Clients(Currently 20% of our Total Sales comes from our Export Markets namely OMAN,BELGIUM, SRI-LANKA,EGYPT, KENYA,SOUTH KOREA and GULF COUNTRIES )  
We are undisputed Market Leader in the AUTOMATIC PUMP CONTROLLER SEGMENT in INDIA. 
We are ISO 9001:2008 CERTIFIED COMPANY , and are already in process of getting ISI mark for AQUACON – AQUACON PUMP CONTROLLER . 



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